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Dazzling Spectacle on the Word's Highest Stage Held in the colossal 2,000-seat Ratchada Theatre, the Siam Niramit show boasts an 11.95 metre proscenium - certified by Guinness World of Records as the world's highest stage. Occupying more than half of the entire theatre space, the panoramic Ratchada Theatre stage is built to accommodate the show's monumental set pieces and a legion of performers (including real elephants and goats) to recreate a realistic ambience of Siam hundreds of years ago.

The show is suitably structured into three acts: Journey Back into History, Journey Beyond Imagination: The Three Realms and Journey Through Joyous Festivals. Reliving the Glorious Past The lights suddenly dimmed and permeating through the darkened stage is the heart-thumping beat of 'klong sabatchai' (victory drum), followed by the graceful golden fingernail dance and sword dance. The entire stage is re-lit and awoken back to life with a scene of the Ancient Kingdom of Lanna, showing a slow-paced, yet elegant royal procession led by the King and Queen of Lanna, the earliest of Siamese reigns.

A stark contrast to the north, the audience is transported down to the more animated south with the next scene: The South Sea... Traders from Overseas. Opening with 'nang talung' (shadow puppets) and the lively and colourful 'nora dance', this scene is the re-enactment of the Kingdom Sriwichai's bustling market full of foreign traders, and with a whimsical subtext of interracial crush - a representation of the harmonious existence of different faiths and races. The next two scenes, The Northeast... Heritage of the Khmer Civilization and Central Plains... Ayutthaya: The Mighty Capital, are superbly portrayed with state-of-the-art special effects like an on-stage 'klong' (river), realistic rainfall, thunder and lighting. The audience also gets to witness local activities and festivities like 'ram lao krathop mai (bamboo dance), the singing of rice harvesting folk songs and Thai boxing matches during these scenes. Read more: Siam Niramit Show - Bangkok Night Shows

An astonishingly artistic creation! Very well directed and aesthetically put together. There was a lot going on all around and at different depths, very creative. With excellent music too.
It has several acts that depict different stages of Thai history, as well as religious beliefs. Obviously, it is geared towards entertainment when dealing with those topics, and entertaining it is! In one act it has elephants walking on stage, in another there is an actual river created on the stage with boats passing through, and in the closing act, there are dancers suspended from the ceiling.

Siam Niramit: The Most Spectacular Show in Bangkok Renowned as a ‘World-Class Spectacular Show’ in Bangkok, this captivating 80-minute Journey to the Enchanted Kingdom uncovers the history, customs and cultural treasures that have descended through centuries to fascinate Thailand’s guests. Located in central Bangkok, Siam Niramit Grand Theatre is now listed in the Guinness World Records, and features over 150 performers with as many as 500 costumes.


  • Dinner is served from 17.30 pm. to 20.00 pm. daily.
  • Show is at 20.00 pm. daily The additional show will be annouced in advance.
  • Theatre gate will be open 30 mininutes before show time. Late arrival guest are requested to attend the show after break otherwise a suitable seat will be assigned.
  • The number of seat each time is on request. We can not know number of seat until the date of showtime. (Automatic Random).
  • Bringing a camera in is not acceptable.
  • Child Policy : Rates for chidren apply to those between the heights of 90-140 cm.
  • Children under 90 cm. will be admitted free of charge if they shared a seat with their parents.
Show Only (Normal Seat)

Show (Normal Seat) + Buffet Dinner
Show (Normal Seat) + Roundtrip Transfer
Show (Normal Seat) + Buffet Dinner + Roundtrip Transfer
Show Only (Gold Seat)
Show (Gold Seat) + Buffet Dinner
Show (Gold Seat) + Roundtrip Transfer
Show (Gold Seat) + Buffet Dinner + Roundtrip Transfer
**Pre-show entertainment: 19:00 -19:30
-At Siam Niramit Bangkok, the show starts at 20.00hrs, but the gates open early at about 17:00 hrs. for access to dinner at the restaurant, At about 19:00 you will see the start of the pre-show outdoor performances and entertainment before the main show starts, the performers stage small open-air performances of traditional Thai music and dance in the elegant surroundings of the courtyard and you can enjoy elephant feeding & rides, After the pre-show you can visit the Thai Village and see the different rural lifestyles across the Four Regions of Thailand in bygone times. Enjoy a glimpse of traditional lifestyles, and view the arts and crafts of rural Thailand. After 20:00 you will proceed to the main theater to see the show.(80 minutes, without intermission)”
**Theatre gate will be open 30 minutes before show time.